Learn All About Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a domesticated, medium-sized cat.

It features a long body and well-developed muscles. This cat breed is active and quite playful; don’t expect it to sit in your lap.

What You Should Know

The Abyssinian cat features smooth planes on the head. There’s a gentle dip on the head combined with larger ears. The eyes tend to look large in the cat’s face, but also show how alert this species is. What’s most unique about the Abyssinian appearance is the color. Most of the bands of each hair feature a darker color on its spine line. Then, the color softens on the underside of the cat, the inside of the legs and under the neck.

While the Abyssinian is now domesticated in America, it came from Great Britain back in the 1860s. The first known cat of this species was owned by Lord Robert Napier who found it during an expedition to Abyssinia. The first big struggle this breed faced was during the two World Wars; it was almost wiped out completely. Then, again during the 1960s, feline leukemia killed many of the cats in Britain. Abyssinians brought more to Britain after that in hopes of re-establishing the breed.

What Sound Do They Make?

The Abyssinian makes typical cat sounds. You will hear it purr, chirp and meow like all of the other species. Here is one example of the various, sweet sounds made by the Abyssinian.

Group Characteristics

Like most cats, this species remains pregnant for about 58 to 67 days. The Abyssinian typically has about six kittens per litter. On average, this cat will live for about 15 years. The Abyssinian does well with other cats, but especially enjoys the company of humans. It isn’t a lap cat but will follow the owner around and is exceptionally playful.

How Many are There?

There aren’t many projections about the population of this specific species. We do know that of all cat species, the estimates say there might be 200 million to over 600 million worldwide. There’s no threat to the domesticated Abyssinian because it lives in households.

Watch a Video

Check out this informative documentary on the Abyssinian cats.

If you want to see some adorable pets from this breed, this video of 10 funny cats should do the trick.

Pop Culture

You won’t find the Abyssinian cat in many movies and cartoons, but one of its most notable appearances occurred in The Cat From Outer Space (1978) from Walt Disney. Reports suggest that Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 (aka Jake) was played by two Abyssinian cats, one male and a female.

Interesting Facts

This breed often suffers from gingivitis and also serious periodontitis. Abyssinians also tend to have familial renal amyloidosis, which is a kidney disorder. They also suffer from blindness due to a mutation in the rdAc gene. Since detection services and tests are now performed, the instances of this mutation are much lower.

The Abyssinian cat species tend to reach about two feet long when fully mature. It will also weigh anywhere from six to ten pounds.

The ancient Egyptians thought that these cats held a relation to Gods. That’s why they spent time worshipping the Abyssinian. They also used them regularly for their hunting skills and to get rid of any pests in the field.

The Abyssinian cat is available in six colors. You will find cinnamon, ruddy, blue, chocolate, lilac and fawn as recognized colors but only five of them are allowed for competitions. Sometimes people think they have a silver color, but that’s just the skin showing through the fur.

Learn All About Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is a loyal and curious breed of dog.

It’s fearless and doesn’t seem to realize how small it is. What’s most amusing about this dog is how serious it takes itself.

What You Should Know

The Affenpinscher is classified as a terrier and it was created to work like one. The purpose of breeding the original Affenpinscher was to exterminate pests from German stables back in the 1600s. the name itself means “ape terrier” or “monkey dog.”

The Affenpinscher eventually made its way indoors to get rid of mice. It was put in the stable during the day to find outside critters and brought indoors at night to keep the ladies of the house secure. The breed was welcomed into the American Kennel Club in 1936.

What Sound Do They Make?

Affenpinscher dogs take their role of home defender seriously. This causes them to bark at the first sign of alarm. Their stubbornness plays a role in the level of noise created, especially when you tell them to stop yelling and they don’t listen.

Here is an example of what you might hear when getting the Affenpinscher dogs excited.

Group Characteristics

Because of their background, it’s challenging to get the Affenpinscher to get along with rodent pets. That’s why they aren’t recommended with households that have gerbils, ferrets or hamsters. They do appreciate being in a home with other dogs and get along fine with cats.

They also aren’t too good with small children or toddlers. While the Affenpinscher will remain loyal to the adults in the home, they aren’t considered an ideal choice where little ones are concerned.

Breeding of the Affenpinscher isn’t a popular thing. In fact, in Britain, only about 30 breeders exist today. Furthermore, the Affenpinscher only produces a few puppies with each litter and these young puppies are blind when firstborn.

How Many are There?

We can’t get an exact number on how many Affenpinschers exist, but we do know that it is a dog people in America keep. According to the 2018 AKC Most Popular Breeds, this dog sits at spot number 148.

Watch a Video

Animal Planet put together an informative video on the Affenpinscher breed.

If you prefer something that causes you to laugh, there’s also a compilation of 25 cute Affenpinscher videos.

Pop Culture

The Affenpinscher isn’t a famous dog in movie or pop culture, but we have seen it a couple of times. First, in the 1986 movie Little Spies, the main dog appears to a mix, but there is only one Affen that appears in a quick scene.

It also seems that there’s an Affen mix in The Brady Bunch Movie (1995).

Aside from movies and TV, in 2013 an Affen named Banana Joe took the title as Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show.

Interesting Facts

The Affenpinscher breed tends to reach nine to 11 inches tall and between seven and nine pounds in weight.

Because of its temperament, the Affenpinscher gets excited very quickly. If there is a perceived threat, it will get worked up and it takes time before it calms down. Even though it is a small dog, it will not think twice about fighting with a larger dog or animal.

The Affenpinscher was the basis for other popular breeds. Brussels Griffon, the German Silky Pinscher and smooth-haired German Pinscher all come from this dog.

For the most part, the Affenpinscher is a healthy breed. It sometimes suffers from hip dysplasia and slipped stifle. It also struggles to breathe in hot weather. Overall, the biggest concern for most of these dogs is suffering from cuts and fractures because they don’t have any fear.

Learn All About Afghan Hounds

The Afghan Hound is an eye-catching dog breed that gives an aristocratic appearance.

It’s regal and elegant complete with grace. Despite its royal presence, this breed can sometimes act silly but always remains loyal.

What You Should Know

The Afghan Hound is an old breed, possible even the oldest of purebred dogs. Some myths claim the Afghan Hound was the canine on Noah’s Ark. Because of how far it goes back, there’s no written history on its origins. All we know is that this breed was a hunting companion and loyal to royals throughout the ages.

We don’t see it enter the Western world until later in the 1800s. That’s when English officers returning from the expeditions brought the breed back to Europe. By the early 1900s, Afghan Hounds became their breed of choice.

The AKC first registered this breed in 1927, but it didn’t become popular with American owners until the 1930s. Even now, it requires a special kind of owner.

What Sound Do They Make?

The Afghan Hound doesn’t tend to bark often. It also has a low pain tolerance. Minor wounds seem to bother them excessively. This leads to plenty of whining from the breed.

If you want to hear what their whining sounds like, just watch this video.

Group Characteristics

This breed is loyal to one person, in particular. They don’t typically make a good family pet but will tolerate children. It doesn’t appreciate rough play and doesn’t want to engage with most people.

In fact, when guests arrive at the house, the Afghan Hound generally comes across as indifferent because it just doesn’t care about them. That’s why this dog is rarely used as a watchdog.

An Afghan Hound litter typically includes about seven puppies. All of these dogs are born blind.

How Many Are There?

We don’t know how many Afghan Hounds there are worldwide, but we do know they nearly disappeared during World War I. At this time, they are listed as #113 on the AKC Most Popular Breeds list.

Watch a Video

Here’s an informative video about the Afghan Hound.

If you prefer to laugh today, enjoy this funny compilation of Afghan Hound dogs.

Pop Culture

Because of its beauty and unique appearance, the Afghan Hound remains popular in TV and animation. Here are some places you might have seen one.

  • Sylvie in Universal Pictures’ Balto
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • 102 Dalmatians
  • Ruby in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure

In 2005, Hwang Woo-Suk, a Korean scientist became the first person to clone a dog. It was an Afghan Hound that he named Snuppy. A year later, he was dismissed from the university because he fabricated data, but Snuppy was a true clone – the first in history.

Interesting Facts

The Afghan Hound is as fast as a racehorse. It easily reaches speeds up to 40 mph when it wants to. The fastest horse in the world only reached 43.97 mph.

An Afghan Hound is known for long, flowing hair. While this gives the dog a regal appearance is also was designed to keep them warm in the Afghani climate.

Because an afghan is a sighthound, they tend to run often. As soon as they see something that interests them, they will take off in pursuit. That’s why owners must keep their Afghan Hound in a fenced-in yard or attached to a tight least. Furthermore, the Afghan Hound will run straight across a street without ever looking to see if something is coming. When this combines with their fast speed, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.