All About Stallions

A stallion is an adult, uncastrated male horse.

A lot of young people wish to own a stallion, but don’t often understand this isn’t usually a tame horse.

Owning one requires more care and maintenance than having a regular horse. It also takes a lot of patience to ride one, which is why stallions aren’t often found as familiar childhood companions.

What You Should Know

A male horse comes into the world as a colt. When he reaches three years old, he is a stallion, although he might breed sooner. If he has his testicles surgically removed (gelded) he is known as a Gelding and can live among other horses. Otherwise, the stallion horse should be kept in an area by itself.

The main purpose of the stallion is to breed with the female horses. Because of this, most owners understand they will require more work and effort to deal with.

What Sound Do They Make?

The stallion makes all of the typical horse sounds, including a neigh and knicker. You can hear numerous horse sounds, including some from stallions with these audio clips.

Group Characteristics

Stallions should never be with other horses because they breed indiscriminately. They have also been known to attack the geldings. Without the proper fencing, it’s possible to end up with more horses than planned after unexpected breeding, especially since stallions will breed up to two or three times per day.

The majority of male horses are born with the ability to breed. Still, many worry about overpopulation and choose to inhibit their ability. In addition, horses born with bad temperaments or genetic defects are often stopped from breeding.

Older stallions are often gelded and put with the general horse population once their breeding purposes are complete. To board a stallion often costs more money because of the additional effort and time it takes to care for them.

How Many are There?

While some horse breeds are endangered, the majority of them are thriving. It’s estimated that America has more than nine million horses at any given time. This includes commercial and recreational horses. The United States has more horses than any other country but is followed closely by Mexico and China.

Pop Culture

The list of available horse movies is endless, but some stand out with a lead stallion. The Black Stallion is a book and film that inspires many. It’s about Alec, who is stranded on an island with an Arabian stallion. These two become friends and the story follows their rescue and ultimate racing adventure. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is an animated tale of a wild stallion that travels along the western frontier. Another popular option is The Derby Stallion. This starred Zac Efron when he was younger as a teenager with a passion for horses.

Interesting Facts

The term stallion first started back when Henry VII was a king. He passed laws regarding the exporting and breeding of horses, in hopes to improve British stock. It was forbidden at the time to allow the uncastrated horses loose in a field.

Every breed of horse has stallions. It is a term used for any mature male horse that can reproduce, no matter what breed it is. Because of this, stallions aren’t just black in color, as commonly thought. Any horse color can become a stallion.

The stallion follows a hierarchy. If there is more than one together, there will be a clear leader. Sometimes, there is a battle over the leadership position between males. If females are present, she determines which way the herd travels and ensures that the stragglers make their way with the pack.