All About Bulls

A bull is a male cow that has not been castrated. It’s muscular and more aggressive than the female cow.

The bull plays a significant role in dairy farming and beef ranching. Plus, bulls play a big part in today’s culture through various sports and activities.

What You Should Know

A cow is a female counterpart to the bull. In North America, the term is also used for a young bull, while Australians use it to define a draught animal. The word bull is also used for other bovine males, including water buffalo and bison.

Bulls eat alfalfa hay and other food that is high in protein. They have a four-compartment stomach, just like the cow. They swallow all of their food whole and then regurgitate it for chewing. They live for about 20 to 25 years.

The bull prefers to live alone, other than when it is reproducing. They don’t like to compete for food and prefer to live a solitary life.

What Sound Do They Make?

The cow has an easily recognizable moo, but the bull adds an angry bellow to it. You can hear some of the sounds with this page of clips.

Group Characteristics

Bulls are ready to breed by seven months old. The bull will mate will multiple cows each year. Some ranches use on average two bulls per 100 cows.

If the bull isn’t present when the cow is ready to breed, it will wait up to another 21 days to reproduce. That’s why many farmers watch carefully for signs that reproduction is ideal; otherwise, they miss the opportunity to create offspring.

How Many are There?

Of all the cow population in the world, India has the largest inventory. They are followed by Brazil and China. The United States has less than ten percent of the world’s cattle.

Pop Culture

The bull might be best known as the inspiration behind the NBA Chicago Bulls team. Aside from sports and reproducing they are also popular for bullfighting and riding. You will find numerous festivals including the bulls, such as the Running of the Bulls. Even bull-leaping is a sport.

As far as film goes, one of the most popular bulls is Ferdinand. He was the main character in the animated film that was meek and didn’t want to be involved in bullfighting but was pressured by others to partake in the sport.

Interesting Facts

Most people assume that the bull is angered by the color red, but this is simply untrue. In fact, bulls are red-green color blind, just like most other cattle. The actions occurring in bullfighting simply happen because of the movement from the matador’s cape, not the color. This is what provokes the animal to anger.

Bulls feature more muscle than cows. They also have thicker bones and larger feet. This is what allows them to dominate a herd. The bull’s hair is shorter on its body, but the head features a curly mane where the hair is woolly. The bull might measure the same height as a cow, but because of the extra muscle, it will weigh much more.

Many activities involving the bull are considered to be inhumane. Bullfighting is one that sparks outrage from animal welfare advocates. They claim that the sport forces the bulls to suffer a slow and painful death. There have also been numerous protests against rodeos. The argument is that rodeos cause undue stress, injury, and death to these animals. Also, the same activists are against the Running of the Bulls. This is another activity that might cause additional injuries and stress to the bulls.